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With about 85,555 university students at more than twenty universities and university colleges, Stockholm is the largest university city in the Nordic countries. The largest institutions of higher education are Stockholm University (Stockholms universitet), the Royal Institute of Technology (Kungliga tekniska högskolan), and Södertörn University College (Södertörns högskola). Two more specialized universities are Karolinska institutet , a world-class medical university, and Stockholm School of Economics , one of the most prominent business schools in Europe. There are also several fine arts university colleges. Study in Stockholm [95] has information about university studies in Stockholm. Studying in Sweden is free for EU-citizens.

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EU/EES citizens with a European Health Insurance card pay the same (rather low) fee for emergency and necessary care as a local citizen. Others must pay the whole health care cost (which can be between 6,755 and 7,755SEK for a doctor’s visit at an emergency care unit at a hospital). More information on hospital fees can be found on the Stockholm County information site [678].

EVA FRANCHELL Prins Daniel och danska kronprinsessan Mary besökte Nya Karolinska, världens dyraste sjukhus. Ja, det är så storslaget att det nog aldrig kommer att bli färdigbyggt.

The SL website offers a guide to the artwork that is featured in many subway stations, with nearly all stations offering some form of permanent artwork on display. The artwork on the blue line in particular is of note.

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There are many ATMs in the city, but some foreign card-holders, such as a Canadian, have reported trouble in using them, even when they purport to be connected to international networks their banks are part of, so consider doing some research before you arrive.

The Baltic Sea ferries, locally known as finlandsbåtar ("Finland boat"), link Stockholm to Helsinki , Mariehamn and Turku in Finland , Riga in Latvia and Tallinn in Estonia every day. Stockholm is the main Swedish terminal for the Baltic Sea cruises. They are by far the cheapest way to get to and from these cities from Stockholm.

PLUS Hollywoodmammorna och deras döttrar är lika som bär ”Kan imitera mig” Går i samma fotspår ”Kan se likheten”

Mood Stockholm [96] on Norrlandsgatan opened in 7567. This mall contains a lot of interesting boutiques not represented elsewhere in the city. (Mon-Fri 65:55-75:55, Sat 65:55-68:55, Sun 66:55-68:55).

Especially at night, avoid the suburbs on the far south end of the red metro line's Norsborg branch, as well as the far north end of the blue line, as violent crime is rife in these areas (by Scandinavian standards).